Published on June 7th, 2010 by Joel

this comic inspired by my recent binge of “Aladdin” youtube song viewings. “arabian nights” on repeat for a few hours now… what’s wrong with me

sunday night brought about the annual MTV movie awards, the only place the latest twilight picture will take home the “best picture” award over serious dramas, and where robert pattinson frequently reigns supreme in the “best actor” category while george clooney and mickey rourke can only sit and watch (if they show up. if they do, they should expect to get mild applause when on camera from the tween audience, in comparison to erupting jubilation when the werewolf from twilight shows up).

come oscar season, the serious news sites will “live-blog” the ceremonies, giving initial reaction to the awards and to the ceremonies. no news site covers the mtv movie awards, and i figure, if nothing else, we can fill this gaping need in popular culture. so, here is —

PIB’s liveblogging of the MTV Movie Awards

(please keep me in your thoughts as i endure 2 hours of painful television)

8:00 – ah geeeeeeez why am i doing this

8:01 – it’s tom cruise in character as that movie producer from tropic thunder! a splendid surprise!

8:02 – this skit is not that funny

8:03 – kinda funny. whoever does tom cruise’s publicity is a genius though. stuff like this will turn him from “insane couch-jumper” to “relatively likable risk-taker”

8:04 – that’s over. cut to audience. like at the oscars. of course the only celebs they show are robert pattinson, kristen stewart, and the werewolf (all from twilight). kristen stewart has only one emotion: mild indifference.

8:04 – now it’s a skit from the host, aziz aziziri (or whatever. dude from parks and recreation. kind of an annoying voice). no general opinion on him. form it now, aziz!

8:04 – it’s a parody of famous movies… like previous… and that one starring sandra bullock with the football player. justin bieber shows up. girls scream in elation. i hate this kid. AHHHHHH SO ANNOYING

8:06 – skit sucked. save yourself in your monologue aziz, i am judging FAST

8:07 – ….

8:08 – he mentions twilight, crowd erupts. cut to kristen stewart. mild indifference.

8:09 – ….

8:10 – nice try aziz

8:11 – adam sandler! and the rest of the cast from “grown-ups”. they have managed to line them up from funniest to “comedy holocaust” – sandler, then chris rock, then kevin james, then rob schneider or david spade (last two are interchangeable). their banter sucks though. their new movie is called grown-ups and they are making jokes about how they had to learn how to be grown ups. get out of there sandler!

8:12 – “best female performance” category. kristen stewart is nominated. this one’s a gimme.

8:13 – kristen stewart wins

8:14 – read this in a voice of mild indifference: “hey, thanks so much guys. i wanna say hi to chris. ok i’m gonna peace out thanks!”

8:15 – you get to text to pick the best movie. twilight is one of them. giiiimme

8:16 – first ads. KILL ME

8:17 – deep breath

8:18 – russell brand and jonah hill are talking. i will aptly listen. russell – “i’ve got bieber fever”! … (i lolled)

8:19 – some award for break-out star or something

8:26 – what is going on guys?! tom cruise is hilarious!!

9:18 – uhh…… i think i just fell asleep

9:20 – the kid from home alone is on stage and has brown hair. he is also nervous

9:21 – r. kelly jokes? ok aziz… you have officially lost me

9:35 – big gap there. i may not be cut out for live blogging.

9:38 – best male performance award. only reason i cannot call this for robert pattinson of twilight is because the werewolf from twilight is nominated too

9:40 – robert pattison. shoulda knoooown.

9:46 – aziz with a decent skit!

9:51 – best movie award comin’ up. tom cruise saves the day again! right on! (i have secretly always like tom, even through the crazy times)

9:52 – do i gotta call twilight as best movie?


all in all, it actually mostly kept my interest (except for my unplanned nap). had its moments!




  1. Eric Troyer says:

    Love the flowing curtain and the genie’s purple aura. Oh, and the cartoon’s funny, too!