Pib Studios – “Funny Video”

Pib Studios – “Funny Video”

Published on March 4th, 2011 by Joel


two days late on the blog, i know. when people noticed the lack of blog, my inbox was BLOWIN’ UP!

folks just COULD NOT WAIT for my musings and ponderings! most emails were from my crazed fans, as pictured here:

bless them. a common email read as such:

Dear Leader,

I awoke at 12:01am (not that I was able to sleep, knowing your musings and ponderings were close to being granted to the world) and was stricken with grief when I read I had to wait for today’s blog. It was all I could do but weep openly knowing I had to face the expanse of the world without the moral and sensible fortitude of your writings. Please do not keep me waiting longer – I can only stand so much.

Yours, forever,

Barack Obama

bless them.

I replied promptly to each precept.

Dear Followers —

Guess what? Chicken butt.

— Dear Leader

BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS (HA! HA! like i could be THAT conceited! ………) — sorry on the blog failure!

those 1761 emails are mostly really just a result of insane laziness. it’s the internet equivalent of being a pack rat – i don’t delete anything, “just in case i’ll need it”. OH REALLY? when am i EVER going to need THIS?? –

it’s the same deal for me on facebook. I never check Notifications nor mark messages as unread.

and let’s clarify – this is me bein’ a packrat, not popular! this annoys people to NO END. “WHY DON’T YOU CHECK YOUR NOTIFICATIONS???” i just wanna keep em there…  just in case! what if? what would i do what if? huh?? huh?? no reason.

i am the modern day equivalent of the old guy who keeps a room full of letters from Columbia House DVD club “just in case”.

see you tomorrow for an on time blog post!



  1. Eric Troyer says:

    insert uproarious laughter here