Pib Studios – “Elaborate Lie”

Pib Studios – “Elaborate Lie”

Published on March 7th, 2011 by Joel

I take the bus every day. I used to drive this glorious piece of machinery all ’round town —

stylish AND affordable.

you should see it when I drive this thing around town. all the ladies spot it’s sleek (yet simple!) interior and it’s practical (yet simple!) frame and the way you can fit SO MANY GROCERIES/BABIES in the back, you bet their just THROW their phone numbers at me as they drive by (all ladies have their phone numbers pre-written just in case a ford focus drives by).

and yet, even the strongest of us fall eventually. my 2000 ford focus now sits in my driveway, and will until i have about a thousand bucks to throw at it (it’ll be a while). all the ladies now just have to throw their phone numbers when they walk by. i need to purchase 4 new tires for this beauty and then WATCH OUT, everyone in the world.

until then, im stuck using public transit. it wouldn’t be so terrible if i didn’t live in a tundra – it’s so cold here that waiting at the bus stop could spell your doom. if the bus is late, well, helloooo frostbite.

well you DO get on the bus, it’s very likely you will be treated to the on-wheels version of in-flight entertainment, in the form of crazy people. there are 3 common quirks found in a typical crazy bus rider.

1. The Yeller

at some point, the yeller just decided that he was tired of keeping his thoughts inside his brain, and that it was just about time to tell everyone those thoughts in the loudest possible way. Usually those thoughts don’t come out quite right, and they often seem to be part of a larger conversation the yeller remembered he was a part of from a few years back. “But Terry said I could!” is a classic example. sad reality: terry is probably a creation of their crazy, crazy brain.

2. The Starer/Dead-Eyes

There’s no worse feeling than looking over at the person in front of you and realizing they are staring right at you. They’ve probably been staring for a lot longer than you’ve realized, too. This is about the point you wanna pull out your phone and pretend to text someone or just keep glancing out the window until Dead-eyes falls into a trance. Don’t meet Dead-eyes’ gaze – this guy is a pro. And the last thing you wanna do is aggravate Dead-eyes, lest he add in a bit of the Yeller and put words to their stare, ie. “I can’t wait to find you in a dark alley so I can scoop out your brains with an ice cream spoon”.

3. The Wildcard

Smell that? That ol’ liquor smell? The kind that seeps out of skin? The Wildcard probably drank 12 beers before you even woke up this morning. Because that is how the Wildcard rolls. Who knows where they find the money to buy said beer, but they make it their mission to drink it all, then ride around on a bus with no apparent destination. The Wildcard will probably just fall asleep, taking up 3 or 4 seats, or they might decide to try flipping off total strangers. I meet the Wildcard all the time. They try to form a sentence, like “Dohghj you know who I ammm-fdf—” and when I struggle to put together those words they quickly follow up with “FUUU–YOU@!!” and a middle finger to the face. Pleasure to meet you!

see you next time!!


  1. Eric Troyer says:

    Great toon, Phil and Iggy. You guys do great toons. How’s the illustrated Menudo documentary coming along?