Pib Studios – “Board Meeting”

Pib Studios – “Board Meeting”

Published on February 28th, 2011 by Joel

Tonight was the Academy Awards. I watched ’em. I have a paper due, and because I am a great (terrible) multi-tasker, I tried to do ’em both at once. Gotta say, the Oscars this year can really be summed up in two words: horribly awkward. I like BOTH James Franco and Anne Hathaway, for different reasons (I want to be Franco/marry Hathaway/preferably AS Franco) – but geez, guys… they were really bad hosts. Hathaway giggled maniacally and Franco was… Franco? (squinting, questionable mental state, almost cool but maybe crazy?). The whole show really was awkward. Even Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, a one-two punch of “hollywood cool” had to deal with George-Lopez-Monologue material. I GIVE THE SHOW A 7/10. (CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW THE TWITTERVERSE REACTS TO THAT!!!!!!)

And while I reacted to the Oscars with a douchey sense of superiority, I wrote a terrible paper. It was on “the meaning behind the photos” of a photographer. When I read the instructions for this thing, I stared for a while. I don’t know the meaning of any singular photograph. No one does. There really isn’t. I mean, I can speculate, but why write a paper on something like that? Any interpretation is gonna be wildly different. I guess that’s the point. There’s really no reason to break it down. But what if you did? EXAMPLE:

MEANING: America triumphing over the forces of evil.

ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPH: Four guys doing a job really one dude could handle.

So I had to interpret the photos of a French photographer who snapped shots on the streets of Paris in the early 1930s. Most shots were kids playing in the streets and candids of people going about their day.

My essay was so terrible that I feel I have to share it with all y’all. PS I do not believe A WORD of what I wrote in this essay. It’s due tomorrow, and my choices were either 1) really commit to this thing or 2) watch the oscars.

Often if we do not stop to admire the art right in front of us we will miss some of the most striking portraits and images around.

WHOA is that a bad attempt to be insightful or WHAT?! So I guess what this means is that if we are busy in our day to day lives then we will miss, like, the bird on the tree beside us. k. Thanks, Grade 4 journal entry. D-

I find Doisneau’s approach to photography very appealing and intriguing in that I have always found myself drawn to non-posed photography, and Doisneau’s non-threatening methods of capturing this sort of action seems to be very effective.

LIES LIES LIES. This is such a pack of lies! I do not enjoy photography WHATSOEVER. I find it a hassle. I don’t like lugging around a camera and I find taking photos a chore when I could be looking at things with my OWN EYES. F for lack of truth.


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but on the other hand, i did happen to watch 3 hours of the oscars :)

Easter egg! Here is a crude email Nathan sent me before he finished today’s comic.

Just bein’ honest.



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    Bwahahha, I KNEW there was something going on in that penultimate panel.