Published on June 4th, 2010 by Joel


check this out, people!

super cool, right? art is like hard to do, and stuff? i find it amazing that EACH OF THESE COMICS takes hours and hours to make. the only thing i spend hours and hours on is madden on xbox. (and sadly i am terrible at it. seriously my shameful record is 9 wins and 28 losses. don’t tell anyone)

today i was on the bus, minding my own business, reading a book that clearly was of the science fiction genre and therefore definite nerd identifier (there’s a space station on the cover. any babe who spots a space station on your book cover labels you “nerd” immediately. but whatever the books sweet). im reading away when i hear, in a thirteen year old high pitched tone, “wash your hair!”

checking to see if someone took issue with my single day of missing showering, i glanced to the back of the bus. now, the rec center i work at is right next to a private school – a high school for really rich privileged kids. they wear school uniforms (yep! those are still around) and are louder than polite folk consider reasonable. they sit at the back of the public buses and talk about things in the loudest possible tone.

these private school kids were in a confrontation with a twenty-something tall shaggy-haired kid wearing a grocery store uniform. he was UP. SET. he stared straight forward, stewing, as the private school kids sat in the seat behind him, clearly provoking him.

i hear these kids every day – they are loud, obnoxious, high pitched – and make my delving into sci fi very difficult. but provoking a sad twenty year old? crossing a line!

so as i hit “next stop” and got up, i made sure to make eye contact with the thirteen year old boy. as i walked to step off the bus, i shook my head at him and made a disappointed face. like a senior!

the thirteen year old got the message. behind his privileged, “world-owes-me” eyes, i saw a definite moment of “sorry, dude”.


Discussion (3)¬

  1. THE DUDE says:

    Love the comic. Loved the 4:38 video of making the previous comic. Acutally enjoyed this blog. Dude, please use a capital letter or six. Am glad your look gave that kid a “sorry, dude” moment. Always man-up and squash the mouthly bitches. I guarantee I got your back.

  2. Eric Troyer says:

    Love the video! Makes me miss tooning.

  3. Stickfodder says:

    Extra panels!
    Terrorist:I mean really? What the hell? Did you seriously just say that? Click by the way. I mean I’m the terrorist here I’m the one who should be making the bad one liners.


    Hero: Well I’ll be damne…

    Terrorist and hero are engulfed in a wall of water.