her glistening thorax

her glistening thorax

Published on April 9th, 2010 by Joel

that comic has some interesting things to say about modern culture. namely… uh, art is subjective? who knows

well, folks, here we are – the milestone, long-awaited, overhyped


that’s right, nerds! after year (just one) of tireless joke mining, i bring you our milestone one hundredth blog. and due to our lack of celebrity endorsement (i swear i was THIS CLOSE to getting our good mutual friend wanda sykes), i instead bring you celebration in the form of obnoxious cheesy animated gif overload.

only thing that would make this better? “midi” music.

feel free to click here to accompany this blog post with hilaritron mid-90s internet beatles midi remix, to listen while you read (and strangely feel at ease)

SO this IS the milestone 100th PIB blog post. you might ask, “so, leader, what do you have to offer us”? great question, hypothetical follower of my teachings. after all, we are so fixated as a culture on milestones that we require a big event every time one comes around (social commentary lol). (ok sidenote i am watching “deal or no deal” as i type this and this 40 year old chick is the most annoying girl in the world. whenever she wins she does a sort of “raise the roof” motion. that never was cool. and it definitely isn’t cool when a 40 year old does it).

so we’ve been going here at PIB studios for about a year now. last monday we had 1000 unique people visit the site. 1000 people with nothing better to do than read a comic about various farm animals and bald people. but 1000 isn’t enough!!! we desire POWER! and what better way to gain power than to influence more readers for our NEXT 100 blog posts?

i decided to take to the internet (a collection of “web sites”) to promote our silly comic site

and what better place to promote than the internet stranger personals database, CHAT ROULETTE

i decided, rather than go for the “personal” approach (meet an individual, cater to their particular style), i would instead try to influence them through direct, cerebral means. namely, staring directly into the webcam and type-shouting at them.

yo, greenshirt! if you’re reading, let me know. i will send you a personalized PIB gift! (anthrax)

ok thats it bye!


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  1. ffunyman says:

    FYI, I claim full copyright on the term “hilaritron”.

  2. joel says:

    absolutely. i fully endorse your ownership