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300th post!

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300th post!

Published on August 28th, 2009 by Joel

well, turns out that this blog is the 300th blog posted on the gamer candy/good in theory/poop in bed/everyman/rappin’ teddy roosevelt (stay tuned) website! that’s right – over the course of the past few years we three men (four, if you count that folkster who drew a pretty disturbing love story) have crafted together blogs and comics of immense thought and intelligence. who knows what the next 300 will bring? celebs? babes? prizes? none of the above. but you can count on us supplying you with minutes and minutes of discussion on pop culture and breakfast cereal. you’re welcome.

i just discovered this site called “kijiji”. it is amazing. not only are the plenty of dots in the title (”ijiji”), making it look like some kinda obscure asian checkers game, indeed it is my favorite discovery of the past few months (besides when i found a nail clipper at the exact most useful moment. you only think about needing a nail clipper when you look at your nails, and when you aren’t thinking about your nails, they continue to grow. this provokes an awkward situation – at work, at the store, at dinner – you reach to grab a pen, a fork – and everyone notices your incredibly and awkwardly feminine long fingernails. an explanation doesn’t suffice. “i forgot to clip them”. yeah, thats obvious enough, genius. best course of action – simply keep your hands below the table/desk/counter, and make a mental note to cut them later. you won’t, you’ll forget again – but maybe someday you’ll learn. anyways this is a really long bracket session. to sum up, i was about to go out, and found nail clippers under a couch cushion, preventing any future embarrassment). but kijiji is a site similar to ebay, but without the bidding – its like online classifieds. you can find anything. desks, lamps, carpets, dogs, salmon, mail order brides (probly.) but i discovered the site at precisely 6:50 pm and by 8:30 pm i had a brand new huge oak entertainment center in my apartment, which i acquired for FREE without killing ANYONE! let me explain.

for the longest time, my tv was sitting on a big lawn chair as i, in the back of my head, continued to try to remind myself that i needed to seek out an entertainment center in the near future. not only was it an eye sore, but continually gazing downwards to the sloped lawn chair from the couch was creating a massive strain in my neck. so when i was told about kijiji, i looked up “entertainment centers” and immediately set the desired price function in the search to “MIN PRICE: Free – MAX PRICE: Free”. i was greeted with a bunch of stained coffee tables and thrift store table rejects. i was about to give up until i was presented with the entertainment center to end all entertainment centers. a thing of beauty. an abundance of shelves. cd racks. dvd racks. LIGHTS in the top of the sides that plug in so you can see what dvds you have in more light! amazing! the technology! immediately i called the number listed, and a man picked up. his name was stacey (which i secretly find childishly humorous). i asked stacey if i could have his entertainment center, and he graciously said yes. so off i went, driving forty minutes in my station wagon until i reached his extraordinarily rich neighborhood. no wonder he was giving this thing away. they probably usually use them for firewood. stacey let me take the e.c., but when he saw my station wagon, he immediately said “aw, no, that’s not gonna work. not enough room”. i surveyed the back of the station wagon, “trust me, stace”, i scoffed, “i’ve fit an entire bed in there before”. yeah, the entertainment center didn’t fit, not even close.

and then something happened that made me gain a little more hope in humanity.

stroking his beard, stacey said “ok. well, don’t worry about it. i’ll load it into my truck and follow you back to your place”. this rich man, with better things to do with his time – like count his numerous moneys – actually helped a poor college kid like me out and drove forty minutes to my place to unload a entertainment center he was just giving away. that, or he was following me back home to see where i lived so he could later come back and rape me. but for now wooooooo

but now i’m the proud owner of a great entertainment center. i also realize that may have not been the most entertaining story in the world, but the pressures of delivering a quality 300th post is just simply too much to realize!!!!

sweet dreams,


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My Bad

Published on July 15th, 2010 by Nathan

Hey guys, Nathan here. No comic for the Friday, and for that I am REALLY, REALLY sorry.

Had a bit going on this week, it’s just been nonstop adventure ’round these parts. I considered creating a watered-down version of Part 7 of the Apopalypse, but I decided it would be better to give you the full version, just late.

For the first time in forever, I am going to have to get up at 5 in the morning to catch a bus. I can feel my good night’s sleep ticking away as I write this.

So I apologize to you the readers, and to Joel, for dropping the ball. I have let you all down. I’ll see if I can’t get my act together for Monday.


Hey Mort

Published on April 11th, 2010 by Nathan

My dad still gets the paper, so while I have been home in Alaska, I’ve looked through it . . . for old time’s sake.

I was reading the Sunday comics section, which is now color on the outside, black and white on the inside (budget cuts), and I happened upon this gem.

Uh, that is not how global warming works. AT ALL. Not even close, Morty.  I suddenly remember why I stopped reading newspaper comics.


Site Stuff

Published on December 4th, 2009 by Nathan

Hey, hey guys.

So new site, amiright?

It’s not 100% done, but it’s pretty damn close. Figuring out the ShareThis button and such, so sorry for that eye sore. Also, you might notice the ad to the right for . . . er . . . Good in Theory. That will be replaced with Project Wonderful . . . unless they reject us for some reason.

The search function is not totally working yet, I will get on that. Let me know if you have any problems by going to that “Contact” page and emailing me.

Thanks! Enjoy the site.



In response to Joel, I would like to say that if he thinks that he has gotten out of this without any contribution he is sorely, sorely mistaken. I own him now and will work him into the ground like a tired mule. In between his tears of agony he will softly beg for the sweet embrace of death.


Published on October 31st, 2009 by Joel

hello there! i’m afraid this blog post has been long delayed and indeed rushed due to my present situation – im in the middle of moving. its nearly 2am here right now and i’m sitting on the floor of the place i’m moving out of, stealing the internet from “bulka d link”. if you needed proof beyond my early morning hang up calls that i love you, this certainly is it.

but it’s about time i and my roommates moved out of this hole. i’ve written before about apartment-mates in this building and the folk who occupy the outsides, but i don’t think you actually have the whole picture about this place. it’s diiiirty. there’s a literal drug house next door. it’s dark, damp, and i’m pretty sure there’s asbestos. we took the lease on this place on a whim – we needed some place quick and didn’t have time to look around, and therefore ended up living in the apartment above a prostitute. literally. the apartment below us houses a prostitute. she’s on the ground floor, and inexplicably crawls out her window to go outside. she doesn’t go out the front door – she crawls out, like a mole. you may ask, “well, how do you know she’s a prostitute?” well, because one day, when i couldn’t find the right key to open the front door, she came up behind me after being dropped off.

[I struggle with the key]
ME [frightened]: Oh, hi there.
PROSTITUTE: Hard day at work.
ME: No, I didn’t work today.
PROSTITUTE: No, not you. Me. I’m a hooker, ya know? It’s rough.
ME: …. Yeah. That certainly…. yeah.

actual conversation.

so i couldn’t wait to get out of this place.

and where did we move to? the LAP OF LUXURYtm

seriously i just came from my new upper middle class place and i cannot wait to go back. the lobby features a chandelier, various woodland animal paintings, and a waterfall. i’ll repeat – a WATERFALL. falling water. the building features a sauna and a weight room. monkey butlers serve you chocolates on a platter when you enter (not true, but someday..). most importantly, i don’t worry about getting stabbed when i walk out into the hallway!

only thing i will miss about this place?
the failed actor.
though he thinks my name is josh, the failed actor and i have become close acquaintances. i’ve written about him before, but basically he was this slightly creepy 40 year old who continually smoked and drank out on his balcony. every day i exited the building and we chatted for a bit – about law & order, politics, government – and most of his thoughts were incoherent, yet brilliant. like a walrus with a phd (??). he invited me to go to tim horton’s (a radical canadian donut store) with him today – and while that would’ve made fantastic blog post material – he still is 40 years old and insane. i told him to call me (yes, he now has my number. very strange.) next week, and if that happens…. well, maybe i’ll sneak in a tape recorder and post our bizarre convo online.


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Bro, We Like, Totally Made This Comic!

Published on October 9th, 2009 by Nathan

Joel is “having Internet problems,” and promises a post today/tomorrow? (Sorry, stuff gets confusing after midnight).

In the meantime, enjoy the PiB we crafted just for you.


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