burn those books!

burn those books!

Published on April 2nd, 2010 by Joel

there was a special thursday edition of pib yesterday, so goooo check it out if you aren’t too busy (and by the look of you… nah) (rude)

i am so trusting that i believe everything i read on april fools day. seriously everything people try to pull on me i will believe.

“i got arrested last night”

oh no!! do you need bail??

“you’re fired”

it’s been a pleasure working for you

“you have diabetes”

waaaiiit…. ha! good one, doctor!

every april fools day, i am fooled and i never learn my lesson. i even tell myself the day before, “tomorrow is april fools. be on your guard”. and then i wake up and go on google.com and think “wow they’re really building a space station on the moon”?!?

it’s not fair. and the problem is, i am kinda too nice of a guy to stick with an april fools joke. like if i were like “hey, your tires got slashed” i would immediately follow it with “KIDDING nope! no way. april fools. sorry. your tires are fine.”

so i figure i will take revenge on the world (in the form of total anonymous fake outs of strangers on the internet, courtesy of pre-chatroulette jealous baby brother omegle.com. seriously? just plain text chat with strangers? just creepy text chat instead of constant parade of fat naked dudes? that is SO web 1.0) (actually i just went on omegle.com and they have video chat now. but i will stay away from that, wisely)

You: what up
Stranger: hi
Stranger: ummm??? the sky
Stranger: *JK*
You: LOL you are so FUNNY!
Stranger: i know
You: so guess what
Stranger: wat
You: i killed a man today
You: i was walking down this dark alley
You: and this guy gave me a look
You: i just figured, you know, me before him, right
You: so i carry this knife around with me
Stranger: wow??]
You: stabbed him six times, then ran
You: i just got back
You: kinda shook up
Stranger: so asl
You: hahahaha

i was gonna follow this up with “april fools”… but it turns out you can’t phase the internet.
you win this round…
but this guy continued chatting up this potential murderer. suspicious…

Stranger: asl??
You: 12 M atlanta
Stranger: welll im 12 too u got a facebook
Stranger: ????
that was suspicious.
You: yeah right here
Stranger: cool
Stranger: …
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

guy didn’t like the bieb.