APOPALYPSE – part six

APOPALYPSE – part six

Published on July 30th, 2010 by Joel

holy smokes, the halfway point of this series/the euroblog! half over! crazy!

not too much time again to write a post, so here i go with edition six of


– finally made it to berlin! it is a pretty radical city. we’re “couchsurfing” with a guy named adrien. couchsurfing is this site where you send messages to strangers asking if you can sleep on their couch or floor. my first impression? sketch central. but it turns out, it’s actually super exciting and cool that people will let you do this just because they are rad folks (somehow i have picked up the habit of saying radical/rad. you would think i would get MORE cultured over here, not less). adrien lives in a flat that i would’ve pictured being in italy – sloped roof wall with windows, two floors separated by fiendishly long staircases, and a ROOFTOP TERRACE. so jealous. i slept out there last night and i now have all sorts of grass in my hair.

– we went on a walking tour of berlin yesterday, which was great. these tours are well known in berlin – they’re even advertised on the maps of the city – so there were tons of people at the meeting place well before the time the tour started. at about 3:55 (tour started at 4) a man wearing a lanyard came up to us, introduced himself as a tour guide, and said he could only take a small group of about 25 with him, but that the rest had to wait for the other guide. we were near the front so we went along. the tour guide was great, an actor who gave tours in his free time, and he had lots of interesting stories to tell. when we were done the tour, after giving the tour guide a few euros we went to a german restaraunt (to eat “bratwurst”) and the guide started saying his goodbyes. right before he left, he said “just so you folks know, i hijacked you today. goodbye!”. he wasn’t a real tour guide! i was, more than anything, impressed by his shrewdness.

till next time!


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