APOPALYPSE – part seven

APOPALYPSE – part seven

Published on August 2nd, 2010 by Joel

dunno if you noticed (not that i doubt your perception skills), but we went through a briiief hiatus here at pib studios. we had simply TOO MUCH reader mail we had to tend to, like this beaut…

dear nathan/joel: can i be anything i want to be when i grow up? – tommy

i don’t wanna be party to any endorsement here. if you wanna be a police officer but have terrible hand-eye coordination, i dont wanna be linked to you shooting some civilian down the line, you know? so im not gonna give you any hope in that regard. now, if you wanna be some sort of gardener, i don’t have any issue with endorsing that. go for it. follow your gardening dreams.


after a brief hiatus, edition seven of


alot of stuff to cover since last time. actually, i only have 13 days (out of 49) left of travel on the eurotrip. its a blur, really. 49 days is a long time! i don’t know if i really realized that before i left. i wonder if i will be able to fit back into proper society after this trip. i have a beard now. i spent most of my days over here travelling to and admiring landmarks while not showering.

to recap the last two weeks (to the best of my memory…)

– berlin ended up being a seriously great place. had a great time there. it was a while ago so i dont have any anecdotes for you.

– after berlin, we caught the train to “wolfsburg”, a small city in north germany. if that wasn’t an uncommon enough place to travel to, we proceeded to make our way to “fallersleben”, due to the fact that i have relatives there. thing was, i had never met them in my life. turned out to be great – we stayed with them for a week and i gained weight. germans, of course, love to eat – growing up around german grandparents i have become accustomed to the constant “refill-your-plate”  mentality of this culture, so i expected it. but for a week, i was never not eating or drinking something. the best part was that only one of them spoke english, the husband, but the wife spoke just a LITTLE bit of english… the words “eat, eat!”.

– we then went to dresden. the hostel we stayed at lent out free bikes which were probably from the mid 1940s. they were rusty and charming. the one day i wanted to go biking, however, only one bike was left – a purple girl’s bike with a raised seat that elevated high into the crouch area. but i REALLY wanted to go biking. so i took it anyways. and what followed was the most painful 40 minutes of my life. also, this thing was CLEARLY a girls bike. i rode by folks and caught many stares. i made sure to ding the bell at them, as if i knew what i was doing.

– tomorrow we go to italy. i am super excited!

that’s all for now. see you friday!


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  1. Tha_Pig says:

    He was eaten by zombies!

  2. Eric Troyer says:

    They don’t make butlers like they used to. It’s a shame. My old butler would have survived the Apopalypse.

    Joel, you should work your bike incident into a strip. It’s hilarious!

  3. The Hobo Under Your Stairs says:

    I LOL’d.