APOPALYPSE – part eight

APOPALYPSE – part eight

Published on August 6th, 2010 by Joel

i am in italy! i only have eight days of travel left (yipe)! my shoes are falling apart!

time for edition EIGHT of


– italy rules all countries (besides canada, of course). the specialty foods of all the other countries i have been to have been good, but not total standouts. german sausage is good, but its still just sausage. italy, however, apparently has had a stockpile of HUGELY delicious ice cream (or “gelato”… say that out loud and sensously) that is seriously making me want to go out and get more as i think about it. and delicious flavours, too – peach, mango, lemon, mmmm…. and they all taste BETTER than youd expect! western ice cream has got NOTHING on it. i am not even exaggerating. i want to consume nothing but this ice cream for the rest of my life.

– saw the David today. they dont allow photography in there. my problem is that i am using a wind-up disposable camera for this trip. there are sentries who are on the lookout for photo takers in the gallery, and the shot i wanted to get was right next to a sentry. i wound the camera in my pocket… they definitely noticed. “scrnchh… scrnch… scrnchh…”. we made eye contact. i nodded. i left for ten minutes then came back, snapped, and walked quickly away as if i had committed a crime.

– also saw the leaning tower of pisa. it sure leans. also there are hundreds of tourists at any point doing the “hold-up-the-tower” joke shot. i tried to get in the background of as many as possible. i wish i could read the facebook comments for all of my hilarious photo bombs.

ok till next time!


Discussion (3)¬

  1. Eric Troyer says:

    We have gelato in Fairbanks. But only for guys with their collars flipped up.

  2. Nathan says:

    I am having a hard time accepting that gelato from Fairbanks, Alaska could stack up with authentic Italian gelato.

  3. The Hobo Under Your Stairs says:

    I’ve never had gelato before. (Probably because I’m not cool enough for a flip collar.)

    However, I’m very partial to cheesecake shakes from Cold Stones.

    Too expensive, though.